Welcome 2014!

I am so exited about 2014! Even though I did not accomplish 13 Half Marathons in 2013, it was an incredible year.  The past few months have taught me to take it a bit easy on myself.  I planned so much in 2013 I really got burnt out.  Add on family stress, and a never ending sickness that is finally gone, it was crazy.

My lesson going into 2014 is to relax more and enjoy.  January is going to be crazy with a trip to Disney coming up for the WDW Dopey Challenge plus a business trip again to Virginia at the end of the month.  I must announce though, I will not be completing it and I am totally cool and relieved with that.  After doing Goofy last year I said I never wanted to do another full, I should have listened to myself.  I will be doing the 5K, 10K and Half though and enjoying some sleep Sunday morning!

Going into 2014 I really want to be more spur of the moment.  Sure we have some exciting things coming up here really soon including a new puppy for Valentines Day, but other than that and Bayshore Half nothing else is planned now and that feels great!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!  We spent ours on the slopes and the kids learned to snowboard.


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    I’ll be at WDW Marathon next week too! You’re not alone in not doing the full. I debated it myself and am doing “just’ the 5K, 10K and half. I know some other runners who are pulling the plug on the marathon. I’ll think you’ll be very happy when you don’t have to set an alarm Sunday morning!