Puppy Love and Disney Family Fun 5k

Last month I decided to change our plans and head to Disney and a day early.   Little did I know that I would be so glad I did as right before Christmas a little newborn puppy captured our hearts!

We have been considering adding another puppy sometime in the next few years, but when I saw her I knew she was the one, even though she lived in Florida.

We had a chance to head over to the breeder’s residence right after we landed to get to meet her and I am so glad we did!  She is only 3 weeks old now and we couldn’t be more in love!
The kids and I have never held such a small, sweet puppy before!  After we got our fill of puppy love,  we headed to Disney.

Yesterday baby girl and I headed to the WDW Marathon expo to pick up all our bibs.  My Dopey bibs, her 5k and 10k bibs and the 10k bibs for my son and husband.

We arrived a bit before 10 am and I was shocked to realize that we made it in and out in about 20 minutes.

We did both want some of the New Balance Run Disney shoes, but by the time in realized that we had to wait in line to register virtually and then wait for a text to try them on, the line was way too long to consider it.

This morning baby girl and I started our series of races with the Disney Fun Run 5k and had a great time.   The temps were perfect and there was just a bit of drizzle coming down during the run.

We took it easy and ran/walked while enjoying all of the countries lit up as well as the glimpses we got of the back lots.

After we finished, I did wait in line to get my Dopey Challenge wrist band.  I decided that I will wait till after I finish the half marathon to decide if I will attempt to run/walk the full marathon.

I am on the fence, considering I really have not trained at all, we will see.
What is for sure though is that I am really looking forward going into these races with a more relaxed attitude than in the past.   I want to have fun, take lots of pictures and meet some new friends.


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