#Whole30 – Starting NOW!

I’m not gonna lie.

I feel like crap.

After the holidays, then 5 days skiing, a few days back home, and then off to Disney I feel horrible.  Kinda like I have been poisoned.  I have not stuck to my normal eating routine as it has been way to easy to say “Its the Holidays” or “I’m on vacation” when it comes to make an excuse to eat something that might cause me issues or have another glass of wine.

The past few days I have been participating in #FFCheckin to stay motivated and accountable.  Today I have nothing positive to report, and that is OK.  It is my own fault and I can either just sit here and keep doing what I have been doing and feeling awful, or I can change things.

I have tried Whole30 before, succeeded once, and failed on the second and third attempts.  I really feel like I HAVE to succeed this time again.  I felt so amazing when I participated in December of 2012 and I can not continue feeling like this, achy and just awful!

So, here goes nothing.  I now have “I’m doing Whole30 to regain my health” as an excuse to pass on the bad stuff and get myself back on track STARTING NOW.

There are lots of awesome races I have planned for Spring, and I need to be in top shape.

Want to join me?

Stay tuned as I will be posting lots of yummy food photos!

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Hi, I’m Lisa and my blog is about Balancing it all – family, fitness, work, fitness coaching and dishes. Follow along on my journey as I share my tips, stories, and trials in being a healthy and fit Mama, one mile at a time! I hope to inspire and motivate others to join me having fun and being fit!

2 comments on “#Whole30 – Starting NOW!

  1. I was in that boat after the holidays. I started whole 30 on January 2 and at day 15 now I feel great! You can do it! Plus your body will feel better soon. I won’t lie, the first week is hard but then you have invested a week and should feel better, enough to keep going. Good luck!

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