A Whole30 Weekend

One thing that I really LOVE to do is cook. I could spend hours preparing fresh veggies, sautéing or grilling or making amazing deserts.  It just has always come naturally to me and my mom is an amazing cook as well so I am sure a lot of that rubbed off on me.  Creating dishes just come naturally to me, I do not look at cookbooks for the recipes, only for the photos as I just really do not follow directions.  Instinctively, I just kinda know how to prepare food.

I loved being on Whole30 this weekend, because the last time I completed the Whole30 challenge, it brought back that love of cooking. I would make elaborate meals out of simple ingredients in really not too much time.  Check out some of my creations on my recipe page.  I really do not post my creations enough, but heck, there is only so much time in the day.  That being said, I do have a full time job and love to run.

Speaking of running, I was stuck on the treadmill on Saturday but managed to get out 5 miles for #megsmiles.  Sunday, I really wanted to head outside.  I have been a bit cranky due to the sugar detox and thought some fresh air would do me good.

Hubby has been motivated to get fit again after we ran the WDW 10K as a family and considering he got himself a pair of Brook’s Ghosts earlier in the week, I wanted to drag him along.  We went back and forth for a good 30 minutes on Sunday morning.  He said it was too cold.  My argument was it was not that bad, I would do 6 miles and he could do 3 then we could meet up.  Finally we agreed on doing 3 miles together :)

Yea, it was cold but really did not bother me that much as I have been out there in much colder temps.  He did not like it one bit and we managed 2 miles, hey, better than nothing and that cold was sure great to get his fitness on!  lol
20140120-083717.jpg After our run we came home and I made us a big breakfast.  My parents had the kids while we were running, so we got some time to sip our coffee and enjoy this scramble that I made with organic eggs, spinach, garlic and mushrooms topped in a blanket of bacon then sprinkled with green onions.  The raspberries on the side tasted amazing after against the salty bacon taste.


After breakfast, we hung up the addition I got for my medal hanger since it was beyond full.  The addition let me spread out the medals more and I have reserved the top two rows for my Disney medals!


I am looking forward to entering my first full week of Whole30 and hopefully not detoxing too bad.  Last time I remember the first week and into the second was pretty rough. I know I already feel much better and I plan on starting each morning off with a smoothie filled with organic greens, energy bits and cherries!  Perhaps a banana thrown in too!  Yum!

I hope to get some miles in as well, although I will be treadmill only till Saturday due to the bitter cold temps. But hey, least I have Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules on DVR.  Till next time, here is an adorable pic we just got of our new baby!


Hope everyone had a great weekend too!


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    What an adorable puppy! Good luck with Whole30. I am just finishing day 19. I still crave chocolate but otherwise feel great. Hang in there you can do it!

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