#Whole30 Detour

Im not going to say I failed, yes I ate some chips and drank some wine on both Thursday and Friday.  Im not going to focus on the past as I have no more control over that.  I can only focus on what I will do now and that is to start at day one today.

It was an ok week, but a somewhat depressing one with this weather and it really got to me on Thursday.  It is so ridiculously cold that we cannot even be outside at times, kinda depressing if ya ask me.  My husband was also gone all week to a convention in Vegas, so that left me to hold down the fort.  It went really well, but I had enough of doing it all and am so glad that he got back safely.

In the past, I totally would have said that I failed and that is that, but not now.

Lately, I have had a real issue with focusing too much on the past and it comes from watching my kids do it.  I think it is only natural for them to rehash things that happened in the past with their friends, school, etc, but I have noticed they mainly rehash bad things. Well, bad is a term I use lightly. They rehash a friend getting in trouble or saying something wrong.  Mainly, they rehash the negative and it kinda gets on my nerves.

It has made me think a lot though about my actions and realize that it is pointless when we do that, and pretty much everyone does it A LOT.  We don’t get in the workout we wanted to, we eat wrong, we say the wrong thing or don’t take a risk we wanted to take and we FOCUS on THAT only for a while after and that negates good actions and gives me an excuse to keep up going down the path I do not want to take.

Sure, I had chips and wine.  Did I over indulge, no – a glass of wine and a bowl of chips.  Big deal.  The big deal is though that on Whole30 I am not supposed to but with the stress and bleary weather my cravings got the best of me.  Move on and start over.

My family is back together for the weekend and then I head out on business on Monday.  Honestly, I am looking forward to a little break and focusing on taking care of myself for a week, eating right and getting my workouts in.

One bright spot of this week was we got a new picture of our baby, Mrs. Puff – still working on her formal name but we will call her Puff.



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    Great post, yes it is so much easier to focus on the one thing we didn’t do right. Love that you focus on improving this. It’s hard, but a little success is better than not trying at all.

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