Who says you have to eat out…

As my vacation business trip is coming to an end I am proud to report that I didn’t eat out once!  Yep, Monday to Friday and I was away from home.

Granted I will have a Starbucks before I board my plane, but I ate my breakfast in my room each day, packed my lunch and had dinner here too.  Staybridge or Candlewood Suites are two great options for a room at a reasonable cost with a nice kitchen.

Sure, yea, it was quiet and well I’m not gonna say lonely.  After being with the kids and puppy all last week while hubby was at a convention in Vegas, I cherish my time alone to refresh and recharge.


I got lots of yummy foods!

Here was my plan:


PreMade Hard Boiled Eggs, Bananas, Sunflower Butter and Rice Cakes.  Good selection to mix it up!


PreGrilled Trader Joes Organic Chicken Breasts in a Salad with the Power Greens, Tomatoes, Avocado and EVOO.  I prepared the chicken, greens and evoo in disposable ziplock containers to put in the work fridge and kept the tomatoes and avocado with me till I was ready to eat.


One Pound of Organic Beef sauteed with precut Asparagus, Mushrooms and Onions sauteed in EVOO and mixed with Organic Pasta Sauce served over a bed of Quinoa with a size of Brussels Sprouts!

I made all my dinner ingredients Monday night and stored the leftovers in the fridge, they kept me fed through dinner Thursday Night!

Easy Peasy with ONE pot and a micro!

First I heated up the pan with some EVOO.


Next I added my Organic Ground Beef and Cooked it till no more red!


Then into the pot went these goodies, well the Veggies went in first till they were pretty well cooked.

20140131-092521.jpg Yummy! Its getting there and my room smelled great!


Then the Quinoa went in the micro to cook.  I bought the Organic Quinoa from the TJ’s freezer section.


Time for the Pasta Sauce to Join Its Friends!  Oh, Frozen Brussels Sprouts went in micro too for 4 minutes.


Viola!  A healthy, clean dinner is served!

20140131-092601.jpg I would say it took me about 20 minutes at most of cooking time to have my dinner all week.  When I got back to my room after work all I had to do was heat some quinoa and the brussels sprouts on the plate in the micro for about 3 minutes then add-on some of my pasta mixture for another 2.

At home I don’t like using the micro that much, but heck, I am sure most restaurants in town do and I know I ate a lot healthier than if I would have eaten out.

Looking at that picture though, I probably should start looking into portion control, lol!  That’s a lot of food…

Anyways, I can’t wait to get home to see my family this afternoon.

How do you eat clean on the go?


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    I feel SO bad that I DO eat out – BUT with moving and everything cooking has been tough – making good decisions out is KEY! OR Packing perfect like you do, way to go!

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      I agree Kat! It is so all about the good decisions that you make wether you eat out or stay in, for me just wanted to show it is possible to travel and eat in every meal 😉

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    Wow that’s impressive Lisa. We really need to cut back on the number of times we go out to eat. It’s not healthy and costs a lot of money!

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      Thanks Kyle, before my allergies we used to go out a lot! Like sometimes 3x a week and you are right, it can add up as you really don’t see it in one huge chunk. Now I see it in my grocery bills but I am sure we are still saving in the long run.
      We had our fair share of dining out in Disney though, lol

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