Play Fit!

When was the last time you chased your kids around the playground? Climbed up to and slid down a slide? Swung on a swing?

For most of us, it's been a while but I can tell you it sure is a great way to burn off some calories and use some muscles that you don't typically use in addition to a host of other benefits!

This past Father's Day, my love and I took his youngest son to the park to burn off some energy.  For the first few minutes we stood around, like all the other parents, just watching. Then a really cool web climbing structure caught my eye.

As my man walked around to the other side, I was rather transfixed on it.  I was beyond curious if I could really get to the top, or if I was so out of shape that I would only make it half way and my man would have to get me down... either way, I had to try.

I patiently waited until a doting dad helped his little girl down from about 3' before I made my move.  This could be embarrassing enough if something went wrong and I didn't need to add a smushed 2 year old to the mix.

Once all children were safely off the massive spider web contraption in front of me, I made my move.  It was not terribly hard to get to the top, but I moved slowly and carefully as I made my way.  

Just when I reached the top, and was taking in the view, I noticed my love seemed perplexed as I was no where to be found, well at least on the ground.  I called his name and he looked up at me, laughing with a huge smile on his face. 


After a few pics were taken, I made my way down and the three of us preceded to make our way up, down and around this massive play structure laughing the entire time.  We played for a good 30 minutes before heading home to BBQ and swim.  It was awesome to be part of the action instead of counting the minutes to go home or staring blindly at my phone while others had fun.

Playing with your kids not only burns calories, around 150 for 30 minutes, but it uses new muscles and challenges your body and mind.  Even more importantly, it lets you connect with kids at their level, doing what they love to do.  Heck for me, it totally reduced my stress level too and made some awesome memories.

Get out there with your kids and be a kid for a little bit. Relax, let your guard down, act silly, laugh and play... it's an amazing part of being a parent! 





I’m a newly divorced mother of two humans, and two bulldogs, who lives the corporate life by day and is a driven entrepreneur & coach .  My passion is health and nutrition and I am currently completing my certification in holistic nutrition! I currently one on one with clients to focus on mindful nutrition and creating a healthy lifestyle based on your unique needs.