Trying to be more mindful...

Easter threw me for a loop, it really did.  I spent Saturday with my love and his family.  There was lots, and lots, of food involved.  Hey, for me that is a good thing.  I LOVE cooking for family and friends, nutting them, and making their tummies happy.  That is my language.  Heck, for breakfast we went through 2 dozen eggs and 20 Trader Joe's hashbrowns.  Not the worst of foods, but that was breakfast.

For dinner, we all had 36 tacos AFTER the Easter celebration. Ok, sure there were 11 of us, but you get all the food.  Oh and back up... It started before that, heck, even before Good Friday.  I just have not been in control of cravings and eating and never really have been able to get that back after my divorce.

On Good Friday, we made a few dozen caramel wrapped pretzels, drizzled in chocolate, and decorated with sprinkles, till the kids were content.  These were enjoyed in bulk, along with several other food items I usually do not partake in, except for the spirit of the holidays.  I over did it!  Easter consisted of some AWESOME cheesy potatoes too...

I just can not process too much wheat and dairy.  My body simply bloats like a puffer fish and my nose drains like a fire hose.  TMI, but I know what it will do to me.  The Easter extravaganza, which concluded with a huge Italian dinner with my family, just left me a bloated and snotty wreck.  Seriously, I have not been this bad in a long time.

So, as the universe may have it in helping me get my ass back in gear, this past Monday I started my course to become certified in Nutrition coaching.  I am very interested in helping myself, and others, with the thought process behind what we eat and why.  This course addresses it and I am eagerly jumping in head first!

In the first chapter, it lightly touched on mindful eating.  Something I really do not do.  I always just thought food was fuel. Food is so much more than fuel, it sends signals to our body (our cells, the basic layer) commanding what to do based on what we eat.  Idk about you, but it makes me think.

Everything I eat can cause my body to be healthy or not.  This is a huge mind-shift for me. Sure, I knew heather foods make me feel better, but to think about how they change us at the cellular level is crazy, cray! I have completely lost focus of this in the last few years.  The divorce sent me into a tail spin of self preservation that, honestly, just now I am fighting to get out of.

I want to be in control of my health again, I need to make it a priority as I have felt like complete crap lately.  These issues I have been dealing with, and I am sure many of you are as well, need to be changed one thing at a time.  This week I am eliminating dairy and gluten, and I must say, it is going really well.  Today I am finally starting to feel better.

Food is more than fuel.  Food, broken down to its basic nutrients that control pretty much everything our body does, thinks and feels.  Well, everything our body does!  It is powerful stuff that we must learn to make conscious choices for our future and current health. Things can't be changed and be sustainable over night though, One step at at time, which is why I am starting with gluten and dairy as I know and feel the effects pretty quickly.

What is one food that you know causes you issues but you continue to eat?  Join me in eliminating it for a week to start and let's see how much better we both feel next week!




I’m a newly divorced mother of two humans, and two bulldogs, who lives the corporate life by day and is a driven entrepreneur & coach .  My passion is health and nutrition and I am currently completing my certification in holistic nutrition! I currently one on one with clients to focus on mindful nutrition and creating a healthy lifestyle based on your unique needs.